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In CoorDinAtion with是什么意思

In Coordination with 协调配合;策应;与---协调;协同 例句 1.component enables you to navigate and manipulate data , in coordinationwith a. 组件配合使您能够定位和操作数据。 2.Preparation of service information in coordination wi...

work in coordination with 协同工作 双语对照 词典结果: work in coordination with 协同;

work in coordination with 协同; 协调工作 双语例句 1 “ We got to work hard on our side to make sure we reduce drug use and, at the same time, work with you in close coordination to defeat these drug traffickers,” said President ...

as the Spring Festival because it starts from the beginning of Spring (the first of the twenty-four terms in coordination with the changes of Nature)....

exchanging , user's visiting , transmission course, realize information resource-sharing and information system get the foundation in coordination with developmen...

efficavious 楼主 应该是 efficacious 翻译是这样的 一个好的身体,必须具有有效的心脏健康和协调功能

配合 pei he 1.to operate in coordination; to harmony with; to tie in; to match up; to co-operate

operate in coordination; harmony with; tie in; match up; co-operate

bid,在这里是“企图”的意思。 例如: He made a strong bid for the championship. 他尽了最大的努力试图夺取冠军。 该句中的in a bid to 可以理解为“为了......,力求......”

加强协作不被看好因为政治行不通. (哪个地方需要解释说)


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